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We could not have picked a more perfect name for you Buddy. Everyone loved Buddy. The cats, Buffy, Betty, the kids that got off the bus, all of our friends and family. We loved you most of all and everyday, even when you were being mischievous - running off, stealing other dogs' toys, waking us up at 2:00 to take you out, doing your drive bys, getting all excited to go on walks, etc. We loved everything about you and we know you know it because we couldn't help but show it every time we saw were just that lovable. We will miss you very much. We will look forward to seeing you again in Heaven. Please keep Radar company until we get there.

We love you and miss you,
Daddy, Momma, Rachel, Kelly, and Eric

The Fitzgerald Family
Ball Ground, GA
Passed on 01-09-2016
Harvey was a great companion for twelve years. We adopted him from the animal shelter when he was two years old and fell in love with him immediately. He saw our family grow up and graduate and two moves across state lines. He always enjoyed our trips between Georgia and Texas. We will his playful manner and his expressions. We will miss the way he puts his head in our lap his adoring manner

The Keener Family
Acworth, GA
Passed on 01-16-2016
Treasured Friend

I lost a treasure friend today
 The little dog who used to lay her
 Gentle head upon my knee
 And share her silent thoughts
 With me
 She’ll come no longer to my call
 Retrieve no more her favorite ball
 A voice far greater than my own
 Has called her to His golden throne
 And though my eyes are filled
 With tears
I thank him for the happy years
He let her spend down here
With me
 And for her love and loyalty
Here are some thoughts, poems, and tributes to the family members that we will always remember.

Family Pet Tributes

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2016 Pet Tributes
Rita found us 13 years ago when we lived in Pennsylvania. She was a feral cat that had been dropped off at a local farm house, For 2 years, even though she would never let us near her, we fed her and kept her warm in the winter with her very own heated cat house.
When we decided to move south, we could not leave Rita to the Pennsylvania elements, so we caught her an drove her from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Within a year, Rita was accustomed to, and appreciated being an indoor cat. She grew to love her humans and took to sleeping on our heads at night or between our pillows. Once she thought we were asleep, she would groom our heads or purr in our ears.

Rita always greeted us with her warm personality and a sweet look on her face and kept us company on the sofa. She never complained and was content with her life. Even as Rita grew sick, her warm personality shined through. She passed surrounded by the humans that she loved and loved her.
Our family, humans and felines, will miss Rita and we will never forget her​.

​The Meacham Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 01-18-2016
We lost our sweet Joansie on January 23, 2016. Joansie was fifteen years old and had lived with us the last five years. We adopted her from Good Mews.

She was a sweet, beautiful cat. She loved us all and we loved her so much. We will miss her forever

The Farkas Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 01-23-2016
You were a wonderful part of my life for the past 16 years and I will miss you so much. You were there for me in more ways then you will every know. I am glad I got to be with you and I hope you felt the love that I always had for you. I love you and you will have a place in my heart for always. ​

The Minnis Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 01-25-2016
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Precious companion, best friend and loyal partner. We will always remember you Scooter and never forget. We love you

Owner- Bobby Busby
Marietta, GA
Passed on 05-12-2016
10.5 years old - Madison aka Maddy was my girl! We had originally went to get her sister from a breeder but while there I started playing with the other puppies and Madison CHOOSE me right from the start.. She jump on me,,licked me, an pulled my That day we left with 2 boxer babies instead of 1. Madison was my shadow, my protector everywhere I went she followed to make sure I was ok. Even up to the last day.. she passed on my birthday BUT that's ok..she is forever in my heart and will be forever missed. Mommy LOVES you Maddy Patty.

The Montgomery Family
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 05-21-2016
Madison aka Maddy
We brought Charlotte into our family around 10 years ago. When I first laid eyes on her, she was bald with a horrible, smelly skin infection. But with medication; she was healthy & had a full coat in a short time. She quickly became the boss of our other 5 dogs and enjoyed a comfortable life with us. She was my "heart dog" and I'll miss her so much. 

The Evans Family
Kennesaw, GA
Passed on 05-26-2016
Old Black Bear was a good dog. He lasted 16 years on this Earth and had an awesome life. He was dearly loved by all of his family. He was a bit salty at times but that was just his way. He enjoyed playing with the tennis ball and going on long runs when he was younger. In his later years, he really enjoyed eating and meandering through the neighborhood. I will miss him greatly. We love you Blackie.

The Donaldson Family
Smyrna, GA
Passed on 07-09-2016
Cupcake, you were the sweetest, most loving dog ever! I enjoyed every day of the 14 years I was lucky enough to have you. I will take comfort knowing you didn't suffer and died peacefully in your sleep. You will always be my princess.

The Walsh Family
Atlanta, GA
Passed on 07-17-2016
Peggy Walsh
I lost the sweetest most loving little yorkie you would ever meet. He was my little boy and my heart is absolutely broken. I miss you so much my sweet boy and my heat is so sad. Callie, Sam and Dean miss you too and when Bogey comes over he misses you too!! RIP my sweet sweet boy. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge!!🐾💔🐾💔

The Smallwood Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 07-03-2016
Our beloved Moosie.... You were such a special part of our life for 10 years. I will miss my constant companion everywhere I go in the house. I'll miss your "singing" when someone would whistle. I'll miss your cute little copying fake sneezes. I will miss watching you and Opie romp and play together. I will miss your sparkling loving eyes when you would look into mine. Who knows what you came from when you showed up on our doorstep, but you immediately became such a special part of our family as if you'd always been with us. The house seems emptier without you here. Our hearts are broken and we miss you more than words can say. You left little paw prints on our hearts that will forever be there. When it's my time to go, I look forward to seeing your smiling face and wagging tail run towards me. We love you so much and always will.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Austin, Hunter, Opie and Snuggles

The Fon Family
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 05-01-2016
Cookie was bought for me from petland 12 years ago when I was 17. They say animals choose you, and I am the proof of that. She was more human than most real humans are, she held more compassion and love than most humans too. When I was sad and alone, she was there to lick my tears away letting me know I wasn't alone. I never for a second thought she would ever die, to me she was immortal. I still believe that she is, she was my daughter nothing less. My heart aches for you babygirl, I am blessed that she was surrounded by nothing but love her entire life. There will never be another like you, my guide my angel. Forever you are imprinted on my very soul. 

Marietta, GA
Passed on 03-28-2016
Mindi has been a beloved member of our family since 2006. We were not looking for another pet, but the moment we met her, we knew she was meant to be with us forever. Her most favorite things were to chase butterflies and play with her football. She loved going on long drives and sticking her head out the sunroof. We are thankful that she was a part of our lives and there are no words to describe the heartbreak that we feel since her passing. Mindi, you will always be remembered and we will all be together again chasing butterflies and footballs.

The Schultz Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 01-24-2016
You were the sweetest little kitty, and aptly named--petite and delicate like a little baby. We will miss your snuggles, especially at nap time or when we are sick. You were a member of the family and we will miss you each and every day. Our hearts are broken without you here, but we know that we will see you again someday. Look for Max--he will keep you company until we get there. We love you!!!❤️❤️❤

The Smith Family
Kennesaw, GA
Passed on 02-08-2016
Baby Girl
My best friend left me on Tuesday. He waited till I got home so I can sit next to him and cry while he was taking his last breaths.

On August 30, 2004, I was lucky to see my baby, Comet in a cage in Cobb County Animal Shelter. He was lost and was kept for seven days, I think, so his owner could claim him, but I was the lucky one because nobody came for him and I was able to adopt him.
He made me the happiest guy. I talked about him to everybody who loved animals. He was very smart and beautiful. Just look at his beautiful face and you agree with me.
My heart is broken into pieces since Tuesday when he left me.

I hope when it is my time to go, I can see him again and enjoy his friendship again.
Comet, I love you my baby boy.

Thank you for giving me 12 years of unconditional love and friendship. I don't know when my tears are going to stop falling down my eyes. I miss you so much baby. I miss you to death. 

The Movagharnia Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 10-25-2016
Our steadfast BOB cat gave us so much love and joy for 12 wonderful years. He was a very unique and special cat - sort of a dog in a cat suit. He was our best buddy, always near by, and forever a lap cat. He would come when you called him, and want to play on a daily basis. Unlike many felines, he was the most happy when being carried around in our arms, If allowed, he would "ride" for hours. When doing yoga he was always ready to Zen out on the mat or add extra "resistance" while standing on your back during "cat paws" and "dog tail".The house feels empty without the pitter-patter of his little paws on the wood floors, and his fluffy white bob tail waggling as he ran to greet us. We knew he was special, but didn't realize how much his personality filled our whole home.

Gentle BOB, we miss you so much!!! RIP sweet boy. BobON!

The Popoff/Laney Family
Atlanta, GA
Passed on 10-22-2016
Vi Vi will be missed very much. She had been a part of our family for 14 and one half years.

The Mullins Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 11-16-2016
Vi Vi
Our baby was so very special. She gave us love and joy for nearly 17 yrs. We rescued her from a shelter but I think we rescued each other with unending love and affection.

The Haskell Family
Austell, GA
Passed on 11-26-2016
Punky was our most loyal and loving pet. She loved nature and loved to travel. She will be greatly missed

The Macon Family
Atlanta, GA
Passed on 12-06-2016
Holly was only six weeks old when she came into our lives in 1996. For twenty years she has been a friend, a companion, in all the bad times and all the good times. No matter what she was always there to welcome me home. All she ever wanted was my love in return. The joy you have given me in my life will never be forgotten. I was there to hold her in the finale hours of her life, to her last breath she knew I loved her. Holly you will always be in my heart, my baby my little kitty forever. I love you and will miss you as long as I live.

The Culbreath Family
Marietta, GA
Born November 1996
Left Us December 2016
Holly Ann Culbreath