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My little Misty was always a mystical girl. She came into my life over 14 years ago several weeks after losing my adored Siamese, Emily. I was totally distraught and told God that if I was to have another feline companion, she needed to come to me. The very next morning, Misty came walking down the hall of my school in the arms of a fellow teacher. This little ball of gray fur had followed two students to school, and no one knew how to find her people. To condense a long story, Misty was hidden for the rest of the day and lovingly brought home that evening with lots of new toys and kitty accessories. The next morning, I woke to a bed filled with play things, and my Misty was ready for a full day and a life of adventure. Misty was always my special gift.

This beautiful diva passed away on January 7 after a long illness. She will be greatly missed.

​The James Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 01/07/2017
My dear Kuchifleto AKA Kuchi; the emptiness of you not been by my side anymore is something that time only will heal. You were my baby boy, always by my side, my spoil brat. 
We'll miss you and despite of everything I know you will always be next to me.

I miss you my Fleto!!!

The Montealegre Family
Alpharetta, GA
Passed on 01/16/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
Kuchifleto AKA Kuchi
Treasured Friend

I lost a treasure friend today
 The little dog who used to lay her
 Gentle head upon my knee
 And share her silent thoughts
 With me
 She’ll come no longer to my call
 Retrieve no more her favorite ball
 A voice far greater than my own
 Has called her to His golden throne
 And though my eyes are filled
 With tears
I thank him for the happy years
He let her spend down here
With me
 And for her love and loyalty
Here are some thoughts, poems, and tributes to the family members that we will always remember.

Family Pet Tributes

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2017 Pet Tributes
Our Blue dog has touched so many people. Blue went to heaven on March 5, 2017. To know him was to immediately fall in love with him. This picture was taken at his favorite safe place to go, where he could be a hound dog again and wonder for hours but be safe and contained. This is what I picture his heaven is like now. Finally Bailey has her bff back with her. They were together for so long before she passed. He didn't suffer and the end was thankfully fast. His body just couldn't keep up with his hound dog, go get'em soul. Now he can just put his nose to ground and go forever. 9 years ago when I rescued him, I knew he was special. He was sick with heart worms and upper respiratory infections but something told me that day it was not his time to go. I made a promise to him he would never be mistreated again and ALWAYS have a couch to sleep on. You're our boy Blue and always will be.

​The Reyes/ Henderson/ Fischer/ Westmoreland Families
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 03/05/2017
 Llegaste a mi vida de forma inesperada, fue un domingo cuando te vi por primera vez, me enterneció tanto tu historia, cuando mi hermano me dijo que fuiste encontrado en la calle llorando, y al verte ahí jugando en su casa me enamoré de ti Fue amor a primera vista, mirar cuando acarreabas, cosas ramas secas, piedras.
Fue tu mirada tierna la que cambió mi vida por completo que me enseñó amar Sin dar nada a cambio porque lo único que tú querías el calorcito de mi cuerpo, extraño tanto Cooper dejaste un gran vacío en mi corazón Nunca te voy a olvidar te extraño, cuando abro la puerta Ya no estás, no hay quien brinca de felicidad al verme llegar mi casa está vacía todos te extrañamos, cambiaste nuestras vidas nos diste mucho amor y no sacaste muchas sonrisas, no me importaba que me hicieras travesuras muchas zapatillas rotas, no me importaría darte mil s zapatillas para que las vuelvas a morder Con solo verte una vez más.
Te veré en la otra mi pequeño travieso
Cooper en mi corazón!!

The Heredia Family
Atlanta, GA
Passed on 05/07/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
To the best dog in the whole world for our family thanks for making us the happiest ever. We love you Chloe so much and we can't wait to be with you again!!!  

The Ritter Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 07/01/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
My sweet Snuggs, the emptiness I feel not having you here by my constant side is more than I can bear. You were my feline soul mate, my best friend, my confidant... you were my little furry everything! You gave me more than I can even put into words! You were my rock!!! You fought so hard for 11 months and I know you did it for me. You were the most amazing little four legged baby I've ever had!!! I will miss you always and love you forever!!! Losing you has been one of the hardest things I've ever endured. My heart hurts so much!!! You left little paw prints on my heart and all of our hearts that will forever be there. When it's my time to go, I look forward to seeing your smiling sweet face, glowing green eyes and hearing your glorious grumbling purr run towards me. We all love you so much and always will. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Austin, Hunter and Opie 

​The Fon Family
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 03/13/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
"Snuggles" Serendipity
 Cody was born Feb 1, 2006 and leaves behind a boxer brother who was a year younger than he. Cody loved the water. Spending most of his life on boats either at the lake, in the Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean... Cody was always happiest on the water. One of his last days, 2 days before his passing, was spent on the lake. Cody was a loyal companion, friend, and son to his momma and daddy and a great big brother to Champ. He will truly be missed...Ride high on calm seas my friend and enjoy that salty breeze. Until we fish again...We love you❤️

The Jones Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 05/21/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Cody Blake Jones
My beautiful baby girl. Time with you was too short. You brought a large amount of love, laughs and kisses into my life. I will forever miss greeting you at the door and picking you up in my arms. I will miss your little yap and need for snuggles. My love for you is eminence and this sorrow is grand. Time will help heal, but know that the memories and love will never fade. Rest easy my Ru Ru. You will always be in my heart. 

​The Canniff-Auman Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 03/24/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
On March 11, the same day my brother was killed in Vietnam 47 years before, I said good bye to my long time friend, Melody. I spent 24 hours a day for 14 years with her by my side, greeting me at the door, kissing me, sitting beside me keeping me warm, and her unconditional love. Not a day will go by through the end of my time that she will not be missed and forever be on my mind. She was the light that kept me going, and she will always be with me. 

​The Bollhorst Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 03/11/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
Lady Melody in Red
Lina Josephina, what a sweet and feisty little girl you always were. A fighter till the end. You loved the sunshine and warmth, and just being around your people, sitting close by and touching them. You've brought me great joy over the years, and taught me that when it's time to go, it's time to go. Love you, sweet friend!

​The Hanks Family
Smyrna, GA
Passed on 02/17/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
Lina Josephina
Chalyb (pronounced Caleb) was 17 years old. He was a best friend and buddy that got to travel all over the world. He loved to let his voice be known and cuddle up with anyone who would let him. He will be missed everyday. 

​The Seiber Family
Cartersville, GA
Passed on 02/04/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
Foxy, or Bop as she was often called, was a saving grace for my family when she came into our lives in 2002. We saw her on Fox5 News and she stole our hearts instantly and we knew she was meant to be a Spencer. I was 6, my sister 9, and my family had just been through a big loss of my grandpa the previous year. She saved all of us and was an amazing friend, "little sister", and was always there to support and guard us. She was my little protector when I was scared to be alone as a child, she was always right there for me. I know that she will always be there for me until we meet again someday. I will forever miss how she would just barge into the room wanting to be with everyone. I will miss her giant "sonar" ears when she perks up. I will miss her standing at the top of the stairs squirming and smiling barely unable to contain her excitement when I got home. I will miss hearing her bark, watching her sunbaith on the porch, watching her ride at the front of the boat, how happy she is Christmas morning to open her gifts, her cuddles at night, and everything that made her my bop. Thank you for all you did the last 15 years to make our family whole Foxy Lady.You will be missed greatly and never forgotten.?™ Rest easy up there with Papa and all of your old friends and I'll catch you on the flip side babybop.?™

​The Spencer & Bailey Families
Acworth, GA
Passed on 02/28/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
Foxy (Bop)
 On 4/16/2017, Easter morning I lost my fur baby, my best friend Trina Lee Carson. She was my first pet and we been rocking together for 11 years strong. From 20-31 she was there every step of the way as I transitioned from a college kid into an adult. She was more than just a dog, she was family. Words cannot begin to explain how much she meant to me. It't crazy how it seems like one day you're cuddling next to each other watching a movie, to writing an eulogy. It wasn't the same last night when I came home and my buddy for the past 11 years wasn't there waiting for me and ready to hang out. It was just silent. I'm really going to miss my doggy. No matter how many good days or bad days I had, she was my constant rock in my life. 3/16/2006-4/16/2017

The Carson Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 04/16/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Trina Lee Carson
 Buster this beautiful boy on the left sitting beside his sister. He was like a cat with 9 lives he was a survivor and a protector. I loved him with all my heart he was always by our families side through thick and thin. He passed away at 17 years old and it was two weeks after his beautiful sister (beside him) passed away. I am sure he wanted to be with her. They are now together playing in heaven. I will see you on the other side beautiful boy!

Smyrna, GA
Passed on 05/21/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
The Levesque Family
Roswell, GA
Passed on 06/18/2017
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For almost 14 years, both Katie and Annie were the greatest dogs we would ever have. We will always remember both of them in our hearts. We wish them a happy life on the other side together as sisters. I myself will definitely miss them. 

The Khounxay Family
Lithonia, GA
Passed on 09/03/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Katie & Annie
Rest in Peace our sweet beautiful Angel. You decided to cross the rainbow bridge today and the spot on which you always laid is now empty. Our hearts are so broken without you sitting at our feet and in our laps. Our only comfort is knowing you are no longer sick or in pain. Thank you for being by our sides and giving us all your love for 17 years. You were so awesome and so near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for the memories of you, your beautiful face, the love you gave, your sweet spirit and for the paw prints you left on our hearts forever. Your spirit lives on and you will always remain with us. We love you and miss you terribly, Kitty Cat!!!!

Your forever family,

Elaine, mom
Shirley, grandmother
Chloe, your best furry friend 

The Shepherd Family
Smyrna, GA
Passed on 09/11/2017
Pebbles aka "Kitty"
Walker was more than a dog, and more than a companion- he was my best, best friend. The past 2 years have been lonely, and he was the constant in my life that made me feel loved and appreciated- No matter how messy I looked, no matter how funky I smelled and no matter whether I had just gotten onto him, or not. He loved me unconditionally and I loved him the same. Half of the time that he was being "bad" I couldn't stop myself from smiling because he was just that lovable. He cuddled me like a human every night that we slept together. He followed me everywhere- even the bathroom-where I used to try and tell him to "get out." *I eventually gave up and just started leaving the bathroom door wide open* I will move on in due time, but this baby pup will forever be in my heart. I love you so much Walker. I know I'll get your kisses again one day. I hope you'll still watch over me and walk beside me, in spirit.

Kennesaw, GA
Passed on 08/30/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Chance came into our lives in 2009 as we found him alone walking on a highway. He really rescued us as he brought so much love into our lives. Chance had a personality like no other, he was my shadow for almost 9 years and my traveling companion on our trips to Florida each year. I will miss you talking to me and your hugs you would give to me, there is so much I will miss of you.

Chance was my best friend, he replaced another special dog in my life 9 years ago, one that I believed could not be replaced but he proved me wrong. He was my shadow, every where I went Chance went. I will miss our St.George Florida trips together and I will forever miss him talking to me and sitting on the recliner with me and always being in my bed before I made it there. Chance you will forever be in my heart and on our minds. Love you sweet boy.

Family of Wanda & Doug Evers
Temple, GA
Passed on 08/06/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
To the best dog in the whole world. Your were my best friend, my confidant and my rock. Through college, grad school and everything that came after. We ran countless miles together in 5 different states and drove countless miles together. You were one of a kind and can never be replaced and will never be forgotten. You will always be my baby. Thank you for the unconditional love, which I'm sure I didn't always deserve. I love you munchkin. ~ "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever."

The Wilkey Family
Atlanta, GA
Passed on 07/24/2017
Our Partner, Our Dragon Slayer,Our Protector. We will miss you here on Earth, but we know you'll be our watchdog, in spirit, forever! Until We Meet Again!

The Donnelly Delaney Family
Powder Springs, GA
Passed on 07/24/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
"Our Bond is Unconditional & Forever Sweet Charlie"

You will always have a place in our hearts until we meet again!

Love Mom and Dad xxxx

The Maw/Mckay Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 10/11/2017
Charlie Maw
Karma, also known as my Wild Child! She was not a dog in my eyes, she was my child, my baby, my best friend and she was so loving! She could make any bad day a good day! She could light up a room with her presence and would welcome you with a “hug”! She will be missed so much! 3 short years just wasn’t enough, she may have lived a short life but it was a good life! She ALWAYS was getting into things she shouldn’t be into, but that NEVER stopped her! My life will never be the same without my sweet baby! 

The Dennis Family
Douglasville, GA
Passed on 10/30/2017
Your energy and love will be sorely missed.

The Schweriner Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 11/07/2017
The best pet friend we could ever had. She was always there for us. 

The Caswell Family
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 10/22/2017
Sweet Lance, no dog was ever more loved or will be more missed. You took a piece of my soul when you left me; I guess that's how you'll find me later.  
You were the best dog ever and gave me more than I could ever repay. Rest easy, my friend. 

The Young Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 12/29/2017
Your loyalty and companionship was worth more than your weight in gold. We will miss your friendship and sweet, sweet sole. God speed and rest easy. 

Kevin, Kami & Konrad
Kennesaw, GA
Passed on 12/20/2017
You were the most amazing unexpected friend to show up one day and instantly become part of our home. You will be missed by everyone who has met you.  

Atlanta, GA
Passed on 11/12/2017
Tigger Holland was survived by:
Mom and Dad: Catherine and David Holland
David his brother and wife Brooke
Christa his sister and her boyfriend Trent
His cousins: Leo, Onyx, Lil Bit, Eve, Smokey, Mia, Snowbelle, and Max
He was with us since June 2003 and was 14 when he passed away on Christmas Eve 2017.

He loved to play ice hockey. He had many nicknames. Thumper because when you'd pet his tummy he'd thump his back foot. Inspector 57 because he'd always check each grocery bag when we'd come home. His favorite thing was to eat. He would always get permission from his dad by rubbing his head on him before he would nurse on momma's finger. He was loved dearly and he gave us all his love. He will be missed by us all. 

The Holland Family
Acworth, GA
Passed on 12/24/2017
Tigger Holland