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My little Misty was always a mystical girl. She came into my life over 14 years ago several weeks after losing my adored Siamese, Emily. I was totally distraught and told God that if I was to have another feline companion, she needed to come to me. The very next morning, Misty came walking down the hall of my school in the arms of a fellow teacher. This little ball of gray fur had followed two students to school, and no one knew how to find her people. To condense a long story, Misty was hidden for the rest of the day and lovingly brought home that evening with lots of new toys and kitty accessories. The next morning, I woke to a bed filled with play things, and my Misty was ready for a full day and a life of adventure. Misty was always my special gift.

This beautiful diva passed away on January 7 after a long illness. She will be greatly missed.

​The James Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 01/07/2017
My dear Kuchifleto AKA Kuchi; the emptiness of you not been by my side anymore is something that time only will heal. You were my baby boy, always by my side, my spoil brat. 
We'll miss you and despite of everything I know you will always be next to me.

I miss you my Fleto!!!

The Montealegre Family
Alpharetta, GA
Passed on 01/16/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
Kuchifleto AKA Kuchi
Treasured Friend

I lost a treasure friend today
 The little dog who used to lay her
 Gentle head upon my knee
 And share her silent thoughts
 With me
 She’ll come no longer to my call
 Retrieve no more her favorite ball
 A voice far greater than my own
 Has called her to His golden throne
 And though my eyes are filled
 With tears
I thank him for the happy years
He let her spend down here
With me
 And for her love and loyalty
Here are some thoughts, poems, and tributes to the family members that we will always remember.

Family Pet Tributes

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Our Blue dog has touched so many people. Blue went to heaven on March 5, 2017. To know him was to immediately fall in love with him. This picture was taken at his favorite safe place to go, where he could be a hound dog again and wonder for hours but be safe and contained. This is what I picture his heaven is like now. Finally Bailey has her bff back with her. They were together for so long before she passed. He didn't suffer and the end was thankfully fast. His body just couldn't keep up with his hound dog, go get'em soul. Now he can just put his nose to ground and go forever. 9 years ago when I rescued him, I knew he was special. He was sick with heart worms and upper respiratory infections but something told me that day it was not his time to go. I made a promise to him he would never be mistreated again and ALWAYS have a couch to sleep on. You're our boy Blue and always will be.

​The Reyes/ Henderson/ Fischer/ Westmoreland Families
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 03/05/2017
 Llegaste a mi vida de forma inesperada, fue un domingo cuando te vi por primera vez, me enterneció tanto tu historia, cuando mi hermano me dijo que fuiste encontrado en la calle llorando, y al verte ahí jugando en su casa me enamoré de ti Fue amor a primera vista, mirar cuando acarreabas, cosas ramas secas, piedras.
Fue tu mirada tierna la que cambió mi vida por completo que me enseñó amar Sin dar nada a cambio porque lo único que tú querías el calorcito de mi cuerpo, extraño tanto Cooper dejaste un gran vacío en mi corazón Nunca te voy a olvidar te extraño, cuando abro la puerta Ya no estás, no hay quien brinca de felicidad al verme llegar mi casa está vacía todos te extrañamos, cambiaste nuestras vidas nos diste mucho amor y no sacaste muchas sonrisas, no me importaba que me hicieras travesuras muchas zapatillas rotas, no me importaría darte mil s zapatillas para que las vuelvas a morder Con solo verte una vez más.
Te veré en la otra mi pequeño travieso
Cooper en mi corazón!!

The Heredia Family
Atlanta, GA
Passed on 05/07/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
 Cody was born Feb 1, 2006 and leaves behind a boxer brother who was a year younger than he. Cody loved the water. Spending most of his life on boats either at the lake, in the Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean... Cody was always happiest on the water. One of his last days, 2 days before his passing, was spent on the lake. Cody was a loyal companion, friend, and son to his momma and daddy and a great big brother to Champ. He will truly be missed...Ride high on calm seas my friend and enjoy that salty breeze. Until we fish again...We love you❤️

The Jones Family
Marietta, GA
Passed on 05/21/2017
Gracie of the Johnson Family in Kennesaw, GA
Cody Blake Jones
My sweet Snuggs, the emptiness I feel not having you here by my constant side is more than I can bear. You were my feline soul mate, my best friend, my confidant... you were my little furry everything! You gave me more than I can even put into words! You were my rock!!! You fought so hard for 11 months and I know you did it for me. You were the most amazing little four legged baby I've ever had!!! I will miss you always and love you forever!!! Losing you has been one of the hardest things I've ever endured. My heart hurts so much!!! You left little paw prints on my heart and all of our hearts that will forever be there. When it's my time to go, I look forward to seeing your smiling sweet face, glowing green eyes and hearing your glorious grumbling purr run towards me. We all love you so much and always will. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Austin, Hunter and Opie 

​The Fon Family
Woodstock, GA
Passed on 03/13/2017
Dixie Lee of the Bradley Family in Georgia
"Snuggles" Serendipity