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Private Pet Cremation

Your pet is cremated individually and the cremains are placed in our standard tin urn. You will receive your pet's cremains along with the cremation certificate. If you prefer, one of our specialty urns can be used for an additional charge.

Planning Final Arrangements for your pet is a responsible decision and is one of the most caring gifts you can give your beloved pet. We are a low cost provider and are confident we can offer the personal planning that you have in mind.
Treasured Friend

As pet owners, we understand what it is like to lose a pet. Our pets are members of our family and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. For your own peace-of-mind our crematory company will take care of your pet whether you work with us or through your veterinarian for pet cremation.

Pet Cremation and Pet Euthanasia

Pet Euthanasia

We also refer in-home pet euthanasia services. There is no more of a reassuring place to perform this procedure than in the environment that the family and pet are most comfortable.

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We are currently working on some enhanced options for urns and engravings. Check back soon for new pet memorabilia.  
There are distinct differences between these type of cremation services. As a standard we offer a complete private cremation service for your pet. This means that no other animal cremains are mixed in any way with your pet. There are services that say they offer Private Pet Cremation but simply use Partitioned Cremation to save on their costs. It is wise to use due diligence to make sure that the appropriate service is provided. We offer a standing invitation to all of our customers to join us during the pet cremation, please ask for details.

When it comes to Partitioned Cremation there are only barriers separating your pet from others during the cremation process. It is common that the heat will combine the ash from other pets, cross contaminating the cremains. We do not offer these services as most pet owner's prefer a genuinely private cremation. 

A communal cremation can be requested and has a small cost associated with it, because multiple animals are cremated at the same time in the chamber.

We do offer cremation services for larger animals, please contact us for details. We are able to handle horse cremation services in the same service area including Wills Park near Alpharetta, Georgia. The price can vary depending on the size,  please contact us so that we may give an accurate price depending on the size and weight of the horse.
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Large Animal and Equine Cremation Services

What are the differences between Private Pet Cremation, Partitioned Cremation, and Communal Pet Cremation?

Weight of pet

0-25 lbs.

26-50 lbs.

51-100 lbs.

101-125 lbs.

126-150 lbs.

151-175 lbs.

176-200 lbs.

Private Cremation-
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